Safety, Quality & Service For Business Travel

As a business professional, you are hard pressed for time!  You constantly juggle between several tasks, meetings and business goals and you need a hotel that is responsive and gives you first class services.   We have curated hotels that are of high standards known for quality, safety, responsiveness  and service.  Over 1800 hotels in 47 cities and the network is growing rapidly. is built for business travelers.   It is the ONLY platform in the world that has a single purpose i.e., “to delight business travelers”.   Our range of hotels fit everyone’s business budget.  Your choice can be business hotels, premier, first class or the luxury hotels.   Wherever you go you are given full attention, every hotel takes your safety as number one priority and provides you undivided attention and strives to fulfill your requirements with a smile.   Your stay will be made safe, comfortable and successful.

Every room comes with complimentary WiFi and breakfast.  Every reservation gives you back 1Global Loyalty Program points, the first of its kind in the world!   Make full use of myOtels for all your business travel requirements.  Get a guaranteed room at the best business hotel, always!   Stay safe!

Risk-Free Reservation

The internet is a vast place and browsing through well-known travel sites don’t really assure you the confirmed reservation for your stay.  It is true that well-known sites handle all types of traffic but there is no single platform that focuses exclusively on “business travelers’’ and have curated ‘business hotels’.   myOtels has championed the cause of business travelers.  myOtels is ‘built for business travelers’.

Business travel is important and every business professional should get the best and reliable hotels to use as a home away from home and an office away from the office. Just because you find captivating images of a hotel suite on some website, you can’t be sure that it’s the actual thing! is tailor-made for business travelers. We provide you the best business hotels, with every amenity you require, closest to your visiting organization.  And no, it’s not some mediocre hotel in a shady neighborhood. Every time you make a reservation on our website, you only get fine-quality brands that you can recognize and trust. Safety is a major concern for every traveler and when you know that you will be staying at a reliable business hotel, there is nothing to be worried about. Just check-in, make the most of your business meetings and head back home, without any hassle. With the right price and complimentary WiFi and breakfast, you will only be served the best, always.  Choose from over 1,850 business hotels across 47 cities and get a confirmed reservation within 3 minutes!  We have underwritten your demand 100% with first class business hotels.

Save Time And Money

Time will take your money but money won’t buy you time.  Every business professional should care for their time and the costs spent. It’s important!  As a professional, you need time for preparing for your meetings, to research on potential clients requirements or analysing how you can add value to your customers or business partners. There is plenty on the plate already. Instead of investing time in productive work, sometimes, people waste precious time browsing the internet for hours to find a right business hotel! Why waste time when you can get the best business or luxury hotels in the visiting city with the best prices which always include breakfast and WiFi? From search to confirmed room in less than 3 minutes per the choice of your preferred hotels! is built to serve business travelers. You get confirmation of the best business or luxury hotel room instantly. You have good choices, myOtels has the network of over 1,800 hotels across 47 cities. Every room always comes with complimentary WiFi and Breakfast. Just visit and select your visiting city, search for the office that you are visiting, and you are given 9 best options of best business or luxury hotels.  Out of the list, choose your 5 most preferred brands and we will get you a confirmed reservation within minutes,  for the Index Price, in one of them.  No hassles, no time wastage.  You focus on your core business while we take care the rest for you!  Easy, convenient and time-saving! Experience the difference.  At myOtels, we value your time and are here to save you money as well.

Why Use myOtels?

Business travel is unavoidable when you’re an entrepreneur or a business executive. When you get an immediate call to go out of town for an important business meeting, it’s not feasible to waste hours on finding a business hotel.  You need a hotel that caters to your need, AND you need it instantly! has been tailor-made for business travellers.   How?  myOtels runs on a powerful search engine, and you aren’t going to waste precious time and efforts to find the right place for you! Time is money and you should be focusing on your core business, not trivial things like finding the right hotel because we can work for you in a most efficient manner!

We at myOtels, put in our hard work and time to design a product for every business professional who believes in more productivity and less wastage. myOtels was created using industry giants strength and our cutting-edge technology is powered by Google and Amazon.  Every business traveler gets best business hotels in the visiting location, equipped with quality service and staff, a fair price and all in an effortless manner.  What are the benefits of using myOtels for reserving a room for business, you ask?  Well, we’re the only privileged product, exclusively available in India which provides:

  • Ideally located business hotels: Thanks to our powerful search engine, you can type in the name of the visiting organisation and get a confirmed reservation in branded business hotels. The best part is that you can get hotels that are mere meters away from the meeting location. This lets you save precious time and focus solely on your work
  • Index Pricing: myOtels has designed a competitive and fair price on business hotels after evaluating the real-time demand and supply and other factors to provide the best price for every business traveler. No hidden costs or fake promises!
  • Safety: Safety is everyone’s biggest concern and myOtels vows to give you the best business hotels in safe and ideal neighbourhoods. You don’t have to be worried about yourself when you’ve made a reservation with us.
  • Quality: We provide you hotel rooms at branded business hotel chains. You won’t be staying at a mediocre room when you choose us as your reservation platform
  • User experience: From start to end, your hotel reservation will take just under 3-minutes. can be accessed from any device and you’ll have a seamless user-interface experience every single time. We strive to deliver overall customer satisfaction to every business traveler because each of you matters
  • 1Global Loyalty Program: As a token of gratitude we provide every business traveler who is our privileged customer a great way to pamper themselves. Our loyalty program is the only multi-platform lifestyle loyalty program in the world! That’s right. Every time you make a hotel reservation through myOtels, we give you 1% of the revenue back to you in the form of loyalty points which have a lifetime validity so that you can use it whenever wherever and however you want! Great, isn’t it?

Get the best business hotels with luxurious rooms, in your visiting city in a matter of 4 clicks! With complimentary WiFi and breakfast, we assure you the best hotel, always!

Don’t Get Duped By Business Hotel Images!

Every time you need to go for a visit, be it for business or leisure, the first you do is search for hotels. Ah, the good old internet has many sites that give world class images of hotels in a visiting location, but how can you be sure that what you see is what you get? Being a business traveler isn’t easy because you’re constantly working; scheduling meetings, attending phone calls, constant researching, trying to win the clients over etc. With all the hard work you’re already doing, the last thing you need is to get a mediocre hotel that will leave you helpless in a new city.

myOtels has curated with over 1,800 of the finest business hotels across 46 cities, in other to provide every business traveler the best service they can get. Recognized brands have a lot  of leverage because you can be assured that there are no hidden agendas or false promises from them. We, at myOtels, strive to provide the best business hotel room, with complimentary breakfast and WiFi, close to your visiting location. You just need to type in the name of the company you’re visiting, along with the travel dates and we get you a list of the best business hotels in the location’s vicinity. Pick your top 5 preferences and get a confirmed reservation in under 3 minutes! No false images, no mediocre service. Experience the revolution with myOtels.

Rely On Research

You just get an email regarding a meeting out of town and you’re looking for a business hotel close to your visiting/meeting place. Can you get a hotel room reservation right next to that place in less than 3 minutes? This task is done within a blink so that you can focus on the important goals of your business.

We, at myOtels, have spent countless hours and through our thorough research, you can get the best business hotel close to your visiting place. And we must say, our hard work has really paid off. Now, every time a business traveler comes to our website, they can make informed decisions in less than a minute! You just need to focus on your core business requirements and leave the rest to us. When you get a business hotel reservation through myOtels, we assure you:

  • Smooth Check-in
  • Clean, Comfortable and Quiet Room
  • Complimentary Breakfast and WiFi
  • Hygienic and Quality Restaurants/Food
  • Overall Responsive and Attentive Service
  • Smooth Checkout

In short, we ensure that every business traveler gets a quality business hotel room without any hassles at myOtels. All you need to do is, put the visiting company’s name in our search engine, along with your hotel preference, and the travel dates. We then give you the best list of business hotels, closer to your meeting location. Choose 5 preferred hotels from the list and you get a confirmed room reservation instantly in one of them. All in just 4 clicks!

Value Your Time!

Time is important. Get this right. If you earn about Rs. 25 Lakhs a year, what is the cost of a productive hour? It is Rs.1,184! Here is a ready reference table, just for you:

Value  of  Your Time Annual Earnings (in Rupees)
25 Lakhs 50 Lakhs 60 Lakhs
15 minutes 296 592 710
Half Hour 592 1,184 1,420
One Hour 1,184 2,368 2,841

Every minute wasted counts because every minute matters!  Every smart manager, executive, leader or a businessman understands and recognizes that “Time is Money“!

Well, when you’re gearing up for your business travel, we recommend that you shouldn’t be wasting precious time browsing sites, searching and searching for best deals! If you do so, all you will be doing is that you spend about an hour and in return may get a paltry Rs.500/- in savings. But it would have already cost you twice, thrice or several times! Instead of focusing on core and important priorities you will be falsely rewarding and pat yourself for the wrong things.

Suggest that you finish up that little task in 1 to 3 minutes time. Put your time on key areas of work requirements or for the purposeful goals and objectives. Challenge your passion or the comfort zone. You will be using all your skills, talent and core strength for building up your value, reputation and you may land in a big promotion faster and may live a life of your dream.

How do you choose the right hotel in less than 3 minutes time? We have made it easy. From search to the reservation, at myOtels, it just takes 3 minutes or less!  Guaranteed. All our networked properties are brands of repute, quality, service and safe. We get you the best rooms at an Index Price and all our offerings come with free breakfast and free WiFi. So, why waste precious time when you can experience the best in just 4 clicks?

Are you traveling soon?  Explore myOtels;  Experience the Difference.

Traffic : Don’t Let It beat You While Travelling for Business

It’s not an imagination, traffic IS getting worse yearly. Beating traffic has become more tedious or it’s just an unendurable task. Business travelers do schedule meetings and appointments back-to-back, trying to fit multiple meetings on a single trip, which is good. They are  plugged in, constantly inundated with phone calls, emails, and texts that need to be answered “immediately.” So being on time for business is important. But that doesn’t make it a whole lot easier to achieve if it’s not one’s strong suit. Here is a quick checklist for business travelers to rely on.

  • Hotel location: Always make sure to a have a hotel close to the working location. One can save a lot of time on traveling for business and it plays a vital role in time management
  • Stop overbooking Make sure to have a calendar with an extra 15–20 minute “cushion”  between appointments
  • No “extra” tasks to the last minute: Never try to knock out just one more thing before heading off to a meeting
  • Schedule events for off-peak times: Rush hour traffic can make it difficult to organize the schedule reliably. So, do some homework and set up meetings for off-peak times
  • Learn to say ‘NO’: Agreeing to unnecessary tasks ,especially ones that require immediate attention and re-prioritization of other work can prevent one from being on time for the things that really matter
  • Learn to set-up: Breakfast, Luncheon, and Dinner Meetings so that clients or potential clients can come to the meetings at the hotel of the stay which means it requires a nice business hotel for the business stay

Business trip coming ahead and  looking out for a hotel close to the business place? Check out and get premium business hotel reservation close to one’s business destination with just 4 clicks!

How To Choose The Right Hotel

Every business traveler agrees that the comfort of staying in a hotel determines the outcome of the trip. Getting the right hotel at the destination plays a pivotal role. Why? Well, the hotel becomes a ‘home away from home’ and an ‘office away from office’. Hence, it should be convenient, efficient, pleasant and comfortable. Even the small details can make a big difference! Here are important things that one should not miss out while choosing a right business hotel:
Location: Location, location, and the location is the old saying! Getting a hotel in a good location is vital. The closer it is to the visiting office, business purpose, and meeting location, the better. Being in a nice neighborhood also matters a lot. One will save time, and time is everything in today’s fast-paced business world
• Safety: Safety cannot be compromised. The hotel must be a branded chain or a boutique property of repute!
• Amenities: The internet is one of the finest innovations of humankind. The hotel must be fully equipped with Wi-Fi facilities to support all gadgets! Round-the-clock services to meet the demand of the business travelers including a good gym, pool, and a café are a must
Service: While clean premises are a must, what’s equally important will be attentive, responsive and polite staff. Only branded chains and properties of repute invest in well-trained staff so that demands of the business travelers are fully met

At, only well-curated business and premier hotels of quality and services are found. Get confirmed hotel reservations within 2-3 minutes, guaranteed!


Every Customer must get a perfect hotel at a competitive tariff  i.e. reasonable and fair.   myOtels’ purpose is that simple – “get everyone the best business hotel always”.  The best business hotels mean to create a consistent customer experience across all touch points!  We aim to meet or exceed the standards set by customers in terms of what they want from the service providers’ end.  At every touch point, we ensure a positive experience is being upheld and customers experience superior levels of service including 1Global Loyalty Points for the business that they generate.  One can expect the following consistently from myOtels:

  • Flawless online experience
  • Pro-active customer service
  • Value for money; best brands
  • Saving time in your location
  • Effortless, efficient and quick processes
  • 1Global Loyalty Program with unmatched rewards

myOtels’ focus is all about tailoring hotel services to meet the individual needs, wants and requirements,  apart from being Trustworthy.  Visit us and get confirmed reservations under 3 minutes always!